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Jennifer Morrison Fans [entries|friends|calendar]
Jennifer Morrison Fans

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New OUaT Land comm [29 May 2014|11:25pm]


Come join lands_of_magic, an interactive challenge community based on the television shows Once Upon A Time and Once Upon A Time in Wonderland. There are three teams, fairy_tale_land, nvr_nvr_land, and w0nder_1and, and Round 1 began May 23. Don't be late for this very important date! Tell them hughville sent you.
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New Comm [01 Apr 2014|12:44am]

Mods, I hope this okay.

There is now a Swan Queen comm.

 photo sq13.gif

swanmills swanmills swanmills swanmills swanmills swanmills

If you love Swan Queen, come join us!
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[11 Feb 2012|11:25am]

[01-05] House (Allison Cameron)
[06-07] Jennifer Morrison

[08-23] Grey's Anatomy (spoilers for 8x13. If/Then)

More HERE at versatilityy
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[05 Jan 2012|12:00am]

[6] Alexis Bledel, [1] Charmed, [1] Detective Conan, [27] Gossip Girl, [1] Ian Somerhalder, [1] Kristen Bell, [2] K-on, [7] Leighton Meester, [5] Lost, [1] Melissa Joan Hart, [6] MM!, [2] Nina Dobrev, [16] Once Upon A Time, [1] One Tree Hill, [7] Pretty Little Liars, [3] Prison Break, [1] Pushing Daisies, [1] Sophia Bush, [2] The Secret Circle, [12] The Vampire Diaries
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Promote [03 Jan 2012|04:23pm]

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27 Warrior icons [17 Dec 2011|09:37pm]


HERE at midnight_road
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Warriror (2011) 1080i Bluray screencaptures [15 Dec 2011|02:11pm]

Warriror (2011)
4715 caps / sorted / 1920 x 800 jpg / 1080i Bluray screencaptures

samples | download links | gallery → heregallicka
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Jennifer Morrison Birthday Project [29 Mar 2011|09:11am]

The lovely aleki77 and the lovely ladies at JMoLove Fan Forum are putting together a birthday video for our beautiful Jennifer's birthday on April 12.

This is straight from aleki77. The following is what she is accepting for the video:

Everyone can participate.
What can be included in the video:
- Original fan art
- text messages
- Personal video (not a fanvideo - maximum time 10 seconds - in a readable format for quick time)
- Personal photo (even with the addition of a text message)

The limitations are as follows:
- please don't go out of the topic! The Jennifer's birthday is the subject.
- The material must be original and preferably your!! (if you ask someone to create a fanart for you, that's ok, provided it's something new and that the creator give you its ok)
- The material must be "autographed" in the sense that will be made public the name or the nickname of the person who send it.
- The material must arrive by April 9 at 8 am (no later than midnight on the April 8 Los Angeles time zone).

I think we can make this a memorable birthday for her and remind her that we support her no matter what.
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[11 Jan 2011|12:20am]

[5] Charmed, [9] Detective Conan, [1] Emilie De Ravin, [22] Gossip Girl, [4] Jennifer Garner, [6] Jennifer Morrison, [2] Leighton Meester, [7] Lost, [5] Melissa & Joey, [5] Prison Break, [11] Pretty Little Liars, [1] Private Practice, [2] Sophia Bush, [11] Slam Dunk, [6] The Vampire Diaries

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JMO PICSPAM ON HIMYM [21 Oct 2010|02:39pm]

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[02 Aug 2010|02:14pm]

1 2 3
HERE at glowingcolors
Public for 4 days
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[19 Jul 2010|01:16am]

House MD 4x11, 4x16, 2x24 - 84 icons HERE
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[11 Jul 2010|03:30pm]

48 Icons
Doctor Who (S2,S3,S5), In Plain Sight, Billie Piper, Jennifer Morrison, Christina Aguilera, Zooey Deschanel, Evangeline Lilly, Winona Ryder, Natalie Portman

here @ squaredmc
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Avatar, Signature, Headers Jennifer Morrison [08 Jul 2010|09:42pm]

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

More here...
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Jennifer Picspam [08 Jul 2010|12:57am]

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[04 Jul 2010|04:17pm]

[01-67] Legend of the Seeker
[68-75] Emilie Autumn
[76-83] Kristen Stewart/Ashley Greene
[82-106] Jennifer Morrison
[107-110] Jackson Rathbone


♥ none are bases 
♥ comments are love
♥ no hotlinking, please credit
♥ enjoy

find the rest HERE @ freak-girl91
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[30 Jun 2010|11:35pm]

House MD 5x21 Saviors - 57 icons HERE
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Jen @The 9th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball [25 Jun 2010|11:56pm]


Jen at The 9th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball.Collapse )
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[24 Jun 2010|10:17pm]

[001-013] Photoshoot by Maarten De Boer, 2010
[014-021] House/Wilson
[022-026] Olivia Wilde
[027-028] Stephen Fry & Hugh Laurie
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[09 Jun 2010|10:08pm]


House MD 04x14 [1-19]
Criminal Minds 03x15 [20-33]

Jennifer Morrison[34-38]
Blake Lively[39-41]
Leighton Meester[42-47]
Stock [48-63]



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